How to convert pdf to png

The software market is full of software that can customize pdf files in the blink of an eye. But most of them are premium software which means you have to spend unnecessary money on buying this software. There are also some of the software that is open source and can be used by anyone without even paying a penny. Nowadays in the world of internet, there are even some sites which can convert pdf to png online.

How to convert pdf to png Linux?

Linux is one of the types of the operating system. Most of the windows’ or mac’s software don’t even work on it. So if you want to convert pdf to png file then you have either of the two options:

  • Buy some offline software: If the system doesn’t have an active connection and you need to convert any pdf file to png file, then you have to buy any particular software. There is various software that you can buy at meager prices.

  • Use online software: If your system doesn’t have an active connection, then you don’t have to worry about purchasing any software. There are various online portals available which can convert pdf to png files. For it just uploads the pdf file, clicks convert and download the png file.

How to convert pdf to png in photoshop?

Photoshop is among the top software used in the computer industry. It is a premium software, and so it is mostly used by professional. However, you can find its crack version somewhere on the internet. Now follow these steps to obtain pdf as png.

  1. Open the Adobe Photoshop.

  2. Click on –> File’ then on –> Open.’ Now navigate the window to the pdf file location and double-click the file.

  3. Now the pdf file is open in Photoshop.

  4. Adjust the size of pdf by the ruler in horizontal and vertical directions. The size you will set will become the length and width of the image.

  5. Now click on the –> File’ and select the option –> Save As.’

  6. Now you can choose the format you want to save. In our case, it will be png.

  7. After that click on –> Save’ and you will get the converted file.

How to convert pdf to png or jpg?

There are lots and lots of extensions available for images. PNG format gives you the flexibility to share file easily while the JPG format keeps the size of the very low. It is the matter of the need what extension you want to convert pdf file. For this purpose you can use either of the two online platforms given below:

  • PDF to PNG: To convert to pdf to png go on to On this portal upload the pdf file and click on convert. Your image file will get converted and downloaded.

  • PDF to JPG: To convert pdf to jpg visit to Here you can convert multiple pages of pdf to jpg. This portal even let you set the quality of the image.

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